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Management Philosophy

Our Many Perspectives

The mission of Harvatek Corporation is to manufacture LED devices to the highest international standards and design new products to meet burgeoning worldwide demand. Management at Harvatek meets these goals through strong corporate governance principles. We know that in order to succeed in a global market, we need an unwavering commitment to our customers, employees, innovators, shareholders, and society—all of whom play an interconnected role in our growth as a world class organization.

We view our customers as an extension of the corporate family. Responses to customer requests are not just efficient, but thorough and multidimensional. We consider ourselves strategic partners, who work closely with customers to execute strategy, leverage strengths, reduce costs, share risk, provide engineering advice, and jointly resolve problems.

We place a heavy emphasis on hiring and retaining qualified and dedicated employees. We have instilled a sense of ownership of the company in our employees, so that they might view their hard work as directly attributable to the company’s success. Ensuring that our employees’ goals are aligned with our company’s goals, which in turn are aligned with our customers’ goals, is one of our highest priorities. Our strong retention rates lead to overall stability in the company—good news for our customers as well.

Central to our success is fostering an environment ripe for innovation. We continuously pour resources into research and development to patent new products and constantly solicit feedback from employees—as they know the daily operations best—for new ideas on improving company policies and streamlining processes. Employees benefit from the creative atmosphere, and customers benefit from the cost reductions and new products. Innovation has been and will be the cornerstone to our growth.

As a publicly traded company, Harvatek has an obligation to its shareholders to maximize value in all decisions. We promise to uphold that principle at all times. Shareholder contribution helps us retain our employees and make our customers happy. Thus, management will ensure that there is a clear and transparent channel of communication with our shareholders, so that they will be aware of our goals and corporate strategy.

Harvatek is unyielding when it comes to its impact on society; we strive to protect the environment and uphold the strictest business ethics. As an LED manufacturer, we are inherently in the business of creating energy saving products, but we ensure that our manufacturing and business processes are also delicate with our fragile environment. The importance of business ethics in Harvatek cannot be understated. In order to facilitate our march toward the pinnacle of the business world, we wish that others view us as a dependable organization, which manages with integrity, and whose ethical principles manifest themselves in the employees and everyday operations.

As always, Harvatek Corporation will be strong and prosperous with the help of its interconnected network of customers, employees, innovators, shareholders, and society.