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Harvatek Corporation is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips and LEDs with a wide spectrum of applications. The company designs, manufactures, tests, and exports these products to domestic and international OEM manufacturers, trade retailers, and design houses. With the highest quality products, unparalleled customer service, and perpetual emphasis on innovation, Harvatek has become one of the world’s most preferred LED suppliers.

HV-31LO1 Series inquire

HV-31LO1 Series inquire is made from premium material for optimum application to achieve the best fit and specifications for reliability. Harvatek Corporation is a well-reputed organization dealing with the manufacturing and supplying of HV-31LO1 Series inquire and other relative products. We have established strong customer relationships by providing innovative, user-friendly and high-quality products that are manufactured in our sound infrastructure. As being a reputed manufacturer and exporter in the industry, Harvatek Corporation will more focus on the quality and innovation of the HV-31LO1 Series inquire, and provide impeccable service and reasonable price for the customers.

HV-31LO1 Series inquire

Safety/Quality Approvals :

Part Number Size (mm) Emuitting
Forward Voltage (VF) λD
Luminous Intensity
Viewing Angle (2θ1/2) IF (mA) data sheet
Typ. Max. Typ. Min. Typ. Typ.
HV-I7US50H-MP9A 3.0 Round LAMP+Holder Red 2 2.5 625 60 180 50 20

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Harvatek Corporation is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of HV-31LO1 Series inquire in Taiwan. We promise to provide quality products to our customers in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Harvatek Corporation's products have always been known for quality and reliability, making our HV-31LO1 Series inquire becomes the most specified brand in the electronic supplies business. We welcome the feedback of all our customers regarding service, selection, pricing or anything that can help us serve you better.