Harvatek Corporation

Harvatek Corporation is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips and LEDs with a wide spectrum of applications. The company designs, manufactures, tests, and exports these products to domestic and international OEM manufacturers, trade retailers, and design houses. With the highest quality products, unparalleled customer service, and perpetual emphasis on innovation, Harvatek has become one of the world’s most preferred LED suppliers.

Harvatek announcement for Cree's compliant

Harvatek Corporate announced that Cree Inc., LED manufacturer headquartered in North America, brought a legal action to enforce its six patents in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin on September 15th, 2014. Although not receiving an official copy of the complaint yet, Harvatek has been aware of this dispute and is preparing reactive measures. Considering that most of Harvatek's products were sold in Asia, there is no significant business or financial impact.

Cree is one of Harvatek's suppliers from which Harvatek has purchased hundreds of millions NTD components. To pursue a closer business partnership, Harvatek further offered a corporation proposal in order to improve Cree's product competitiveness since 2013. Harvatek felt astonished and regretful that Cree launched a patent war against its customer and business partner.

Harvatek declared to respect others' intellectual property and to repel malevolent patent infringement.

Harvatek was devoted to research, design, manufacturing and testing of SMD LED packaging. A variety of its SMD LEDs with the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and excellent compressive strength were highly accepted in the market. The above-mentioned technical contributions have turned into over 200 patents worldwide, including nearly 100 patents in the US. The number of patents reflected that Harvatek has expended appreciable resources to successfully build a strong patent portfolio.

Harvatek will respond actively and cautiously to remain the interests of shareholders and customers harmless.